The company

The group FLUIDERIS is the result of the restructuration of the company PURIFICACIÓN DE ACEITES Y LÍQUIDOS, S.A. (PAL, S.A.), dedicated to the treatment and predictive, preventive, proactive and corrective maintenance of industrial oils and fluids and the management of industrial oils according to environmental good practices since 1978.

We serve companies of most diverse sectors, such as:

  • Siderurgical and metallurgical industries
  • Casting industries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Electric energy generation and distribution
  • Chemicals
  • Cogeneration
  • Paper industries
  • Food industries
  • etc.

In 2007 from a solid position in the market and according to our philosophy of permanent better making and continuous evolution, we established a holding sorting five branches specialized in as many activities, with the following structure:

Fluideris Tratamientos

Conditioning and regeneration of industrial oils, new and used.

Fluideris Montajes

Transformers assembling services.

Fluideris Maquinaria

Manufacturing of industrial oil, either mineral, synthetic or vegetal, process plants.

Fluideris Envasado

Industrial oil drumming services for manufactures and dealers.

Fluideris Laboratorio

Oil analysis laboratory and subsequent diagnosis.