The best available technology to the action to be performed in the instalation, according to the problem to be neutralised or at any maintenance step at any version (preventive, proactive, etc.)

Continuous updating of equipment and servicing elements, according to the technological evolution in this systems.

Flexibility, adapting the service to the characteristics of the customer, the installation, the fluid and the defect presented (from an oil with dissolved water in a gas turbine to processes of dissolved gases within the dielectric oil in a 400 kV transformer with the machine in service, from a nuclear plant to a casting factory.

Fast and dynamic response. A significant part of the actions are motivated by sudden contamination (water, particles, etc.) and therefore not planned, so they may mean losses in production.

Development of specific applications to the varied combinations that may arise in the fluids depending on its formulation, base, process, finality, contaminants, etc. Essentially, the solution adapted to the case presented.

Treatment of dielectric fluids Transformers assembling Process plants manufacturing Oil drumming Laboratory for industrial oils and fluids testings